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Photoluminescence image of single semiconductor quantum dots. The bright emitters are enhanced with an optical antenna.

Welcome to the Nano-optics group at the university of Cologne!

We study the interaction of single nano-objects with optical fields. We are particularly interested in using plasmonic nanostructures to enhance the light-matter interaction. We combine plasmonics with organic nanostructures such as molecular aggregates and nanostructured two-dimensional materials and study the optical properties of the hybrid structures. Our mission is to develop structures and materials with enhanced and tailored optical properties. We apply microscopy and spectroscopy techniques to explore the hybrid plasmonic-excitonic structures. Ultrafast lasers allow us to further probe dynamic processes in nanostructures. We are part of the DFG funded Graduate Program 'Template-Designed Optoelectronic Devices' (TIDE).

Please check out our publications to find out more about the ongoing research.

Send us a message if you are interested to find out more about our research or to join the group.

We have openings for Master and Bachelor thesis projects.